Final Production Run of the PWM5

I’m taking a break from manufacturing the PWM5 Solar Charge Controller, so I’ve closed the shop. This is so that I can spend more time building my YouTube channel. If you have contacted me recently about purchasing the PWM5, there are parts in stock for about 50 more units and I will be assembling them over the next few weeks/months.

Update – 4th March: Cancelling this project has generated a fair amount of interest in the PWM5. There is now a waiting list for about 40 units. I will be in touch with everyone who has emailed or left comments on this site, but this will take time, possibly months rather than weeks. I’ll tweet progress reports on manufacturing @julian256 (or see the tweet panel to the right). Prices remain at £20 UK, €28 Europe and $40 International.

Update – 21st June: I’ve just allocated the last 4 charge controllers, so they’re now out of production. However, I do have a few slightly out of spec units available (4.8A for 80W max solar panel). See this YouTube video for details

Update – 21st July: All controllers are now sold.

9 Comments on Shutting Up Shop

  1. James says:

    Please don’t discontinue the PWM5, it was the only decent product on the market for this sort of scope. I have enjoyed many of your videos on yt, but I would really like you to bring your MPPT device to market. Anyway I would also be interested in purchasing the PWM5 so please let me know if/when I can send an order.

    Kind Regards


  2. Karaba william says:

    Hi Julian,
    I feel disappointed that you decided to close shop on pwm charge controller. As you are aware, solar charge controllers are the weakest link in Africa. The ones available are either too expensive or plain rubbish. Yours may not have the best of looks, but it works perfect., is there any way I could send you money for pcbs and other components, to continue production from Nairobi, Kenya? We have a private home in Nairobi, you are welcome to visit., please reserve 4 finished pwm for me!

  3. Joe says:

    Why do you solder the crimped diodes? This is never seen on commercial products, because crimping is considered very reliable, robust, and low resistance. I find that solder just wicks up the strands making the wire stiffer and more prone to breakage from strain or vibration.

  4. Justin Wylie says:

    Hey there.

    I have a school project that im working on where im using a small solar panel (12v) to charge a car battery. I cant afford to buy a controller etc but i was looking for some advise.

    Is it safe (for the battery) to plug my solar panel onto the battery directly and will the 12V be enough to power the battery to charge (even if its slow, i just need it to charge)?

    Watched this video of yours:

    Hope you dont mind me asking :)

  5. Ola Hansen says:


    Are the PWM5 sold out?
    If not, I want to buy one.


  6. Martin redman says:

    Love the pwm5. It does just what i need,battery and grid tie.sorry to see it go i would have bought 3 more but too late now.maybe you could develope one with a larger amp handling?

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