I’m now making the last 50 PWM5 Solar Charge Controllers. This is a panel of 28 printed circuit boards. There are about 32 components on the board including 3 surface mount devices on the underside. Fitted first are most of the charge pump components including the 1N4148 diodes and the 47nF ceramic capacitors. Also fitted at this time is the 5mm blue LED.


16 Comments on Last 50 Solar Charge Controllers

  1. Yves Baggi says:

    Anyway, i can get my hands on some of these?



  2. adam says:

    hi i just watched your video on youtube about the pwm5 , is one available please and how much??

    thanks in advance


  3. asad says:


    I`m hoping you still have some controllers left?

    I`ll take one if so

    Many thanks

  4. Marc says:


    Do you have any controllers left ?
    If so please can I buy one ?

    Many thanks

  5. Dean Greenhough says:

    Def interested in a charge controller please when you have stock



  6. Georgie says:

    Hi, I’m interested in buying one of your charge controllers, can you let me know if/when they are available? Hope I’m not too late to get one.

  7. Dennis Taylor says:

    Do you ship to the United States and how much would it cost, if you do? Is it safe to connect a load while the battery is charging with your device? Thank you.

  8. Tony says:

    Hi i wonder if you could help me out on something. I got some of those pound store solar lights. I put them in parallel. On an amp metre i get 21volts with roughly 2 ampers coming out. When i try it in my car plugged into the cigarrete lighter hold the battery clims good and takes the charge. But if i try it on its own in the sun with a bettery on the floor it doese not charge ?. Is this because i am not using a charge controller ?. If this is the case. I would love one of those PMWH5 controllers in ur video.

  9. Alan says:

    Julian I appreciate that you are a very busy man, I would like to buy one of your controllers if possible, could you please add me to your ever growing list !

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