PWM5 Circuit DiagramUntil recently I hadn’t drawn a complete circuit diagram for the PWM5 Solar Charge Controller, just a few sketches of the various circuit elements which are scattered throughout the website. So now here’s the whole thing including doodles and inkblots (click the image for a larger picture).

Note that Vbatt appears in two different locations on the drawing and 0v (zero volts) in a number of positions along the bottom. Vgate is the high voltage generated by the charge pump.

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  1. Hello Julian,
    I am trying to reduce my energy bill (present consumption 9 Kw per 24 hours) by using 4 12v 100w panels through an inverter to the mains, but when the panel output is more than my consumption it charges the 12v batteries. Is such an inverter available (12v to 240v) I have 2 PMW5 controllers at the moment with 2 12v 100w panels running 12v LED bulbs. Where could I find the information that could help?
    Thank you in anticipation.

  2. joseph jonatas says:

    can you please email the hex code of pwm5. thanks

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