Here are some helpful tips and answers to a few frequently asked questions:

The LED has stopped working…

Solution: Disconnect the battery connections (red/black wires) and reconnect them. Do this at dusk or with the solar panel covered or disconnected.

Detailed Explanation: This is a feature not a fault. The LED can be disabled to save a small amount of power. But it is possible to disable the LED inadvertently. LED function is restored if the controller is disconnected from its power source. Disconnecting the battery connections normally works, but if there’s power coming from the solar panel, the controller can continue to function without the battery connected. Disconnecting both solar panel and battery will always work, but if disconnecting the solar panel is inconvenient, you can cover the panel or just wait until it’s getting dark.


My panel is connected but there’s no output…

Solution: Connect the red/black wires to a 12 volt lead-acid battery.

Detailed Explanation:  The charge controller does not work like a voltage regulator. If you connect a solar panel to the yellow/black leads, you will measure nothing (or a meaningless voltage) on the red/black leads unless they are connected to a battery. In fact the only meaningful voltage measurements you can make are at the battery terminals.


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  1. Andy Miller says:

    We use 2 PWM5 controllers with our glider’s batteries – simply fantastic, thank you.

    I now need, separately, to charge/ keep topped up the navigation device – a PNA (just like car sat nav)which takes 5v.

    I understand that these are very sensitive to high voltage (much above 5v).

    Please, do you have any suggestions for a set-up?

    Many thanks,
    Andy Miller

    • Julian says:

      Sounds like you need a 12v to 5v power adapter. These are commonly available – Maplin would be a good place to start.

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Julian
    I live in Alberta, Canada where cold weather is always a factor for 12 volt batteries. However, we do get a LOT of winter sun and a smaller crystalline solar panel could keep my batteries nicely charged. Can I purchase your PWM5 charge controller in Canada??

  3. Hi,
    Very pleased with PWM5, am upgrading to 24v and have seen and understood the set up for 2 x 12v batteries. Would I be right in assuming that a further two 12v batteries (4 in total) could be added without more PWM5′s?

  4. michael parry says:

    Hi there my name is mike I am looking to buy your pwm5 solar charge controller but they are out of stock when will you have them for sale thank you mike

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